The Amezaiku Yoshihara Co. even has an original character called “Ame-pyong.”
In Japanese, a rabbit hopping along is expressed by the phrase “pyong pyong,” so the mascot’s name is a combination of this word and “ame” (meaning “candy”).
Using the basic amezaiku techniques of nipping, squeezing, and stretching, Ame-pyong can take on various poses that showcase the essential characteristics of this candy craft. Other customizations are available to suit your preference, including adding hard candy, giving Ame-pyong tiny musical instruments, attaching ribbons, and many other arrangements. Just for you, we can make an Ame-pyong character that is completely unique. Also, during a live amezaiku performances at our flagship shop, you can watch as your specially ordered Ame-pyong character is made right before your eyes!
As historical messengers preserving this Edo-era craft, Amezaiku Yoshihara Co. has hopped into the present day, ready to bring sweet memories to all who visit.